who says music is not necessary for human survival

The  moment a new chord progression forms and a melody appears I confess this being a front-runner in inspiring joy for me.The fact that music is not necessary for human survival has always intrigued me. Why do we crave music? Chew on that. : )

A musician tip of the day:The photo below is Tyler Ramsey in the studio a few years back playing on my album ‘Ghost Tracks’. Tyler's music is mesmerizing. He was in Band of Horses for years. His solo projects are stunning.

We met at a music festival where he kinda last minute filled in for my keyboard player. We pretty much met on stage during our first performance together. Now that's one happy accident. He plays on just about every song on Ghost Tracks and sings as well. He's touring more now, as many musicians are, and I if you see him in your area try to see him. He's the best of the best. I was so honored when he asked if he could  record my song “When you go” on his EP ‘Found A Picture of You’   https://www.tylerramsey.com 

I'll be talking more about my own version of the song ‘When you Go’ soon. That blog will involve a Gurf Morlix deep dive.

I hope the Tyler Ramsey rabbit hole pleases you. xo

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