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That voice ascends like smoke into the title track, which glows like Lou Reed's "Perfect Day."” - NICK HASTED


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Ghost Tracks




Jennie Lowe Ghost Tracks reviews 


 "What strikes at first is Jennie's carefully laid - almost naked - vocals on a gorgeous reverb. A genuine instrument that goes from whispering to declamation, almost like calligraphic technique, striped, powerful and fragile at the same time. A splendor that perfectly conveys the rainbow of emotions embedded in these songs: trust, distrust, abandonment, hope, envy, fear and disappointment, love - and its absence."  Eric Supparo - Le Cri du Coyote- France


"Last night in my dreams/I dropped some dropped LSD/Morning filtered in/but it never did kick in." This is the intoxicating opening line of the album Ghost Tracks by American artist Jennie Lowe. Whispering, her vocals sneak into your ear. Not insistent or intrusive, just strong in a laid-back and assertive manner. Accompanied by her own guitar and the instruments of a bunch of good fellow musicians, this backdrop forms the backdrop for Jennie Lowe's musical universe"


 Ådne Evjen-Musikknyheter -Norway



"It has been almost three US presidential elections since Jennie Stearns, or rather Jennie Lowe, released an album. Now there is Ghost Tracks (self released) and it has become a truly beautiful record. Lowe, from Ithaca, New York, explains soul and salvation in the sober but extremely tastefully dressed songs. Tyler Ramsey (also Band Of Horses) took care of guitar and Greg Evans on drums. But it is perhaps still Sebastian Steinberg's beautiful subtle bass work that stands out the most. Besides, of course, Lowe's enchantingly beautiful voice. What is striking is that there is now a very small frayed edge to that voice, that might make that songs even more attractive than before. The 10 original folk songs are characterized by the inventiveness with which they are composed. Lowe doesn't choose the easy road anywhere but knows how to keep accessibility. Even in such a song as Sweep in which Lowe is accompanied only by Steinberg's bass. Hopefully with this album she travels to the Low Countries for a few performances."
-Hugo Vogel  ALTCOUNTRY -Netherlands



Contact: Mal Smith & Chris Carr

these silk screened shirts are designed by Jennie Lowe via a wood block edition.

these silk screened shirts are designed by Jennie Lowe via a wood block edition.